What is Gymnastics

Gymnastics is a physical sport that involves performance of exercises, tricks and impressive stunts performed by both genders with style and grace. It requires one to have physical strength, control and balance of the body. Female’s and male’s gymnastics are composed of several different events that gives them an opportunity to showcase their precision, strength, athleticism and flexibility.

The name gymnastics was derived from the Greek word (gymnos) that means naked related to the verb (gymnazo) meaning to train naked. This was then formed to gymnastics to mean to exercise or to train.

Historically, gymnastics was an exercise for men that focused on jumping, running, throwing, wrestling and swimming. This prepared Greek men for war after Greece was defeated by the Roman Empire. In 1881, the FIG-Federation of International Gymnastics was formed and by the end of the 19th century, competition in gymnastics became quite popular. In the 1896 Olympic Games, gymnastics was incorporated as a male competitive sport. Women begun to participate in organized gymnastic events and eventually participated in the 1928 Olympics in Amsterdam. Standardization of the apparatus and events for both male and female happened in 1954 Olympic Games.

Gymnastics for Men

It includes pommel horse, floor exercise, vault, high bar, still rings and parallel bars. All the events require a lot of power and control. The male’s gymnast’s strength is shown in the high bar, parallel bars and vault. This is done as he tries to tries to twist, flip and swing as he maintains his body balance. For the floor exercise that is pommel horse, is set out to highlight the athlete’s coordinating, control, balance and precision.

Gymnastics for Women

For women, there are four main events that include uneven bars, vault, balance beam and floor exercise. The gymnast is challenged to showcase their coordination, agility, strength and grace. The most challenging is the balance beam that involves performing acrobatic and dance moves as they utilize their agility and balance on a 4 inch beam. Strength is shown as the athletes propel off the vault to do flips in the air and land balanced on their feet. The uneven bars involve swinging from one bar to another while using different transitions and switching the hands. The most favorite for audiences is the floor exercise, the gymnast dances while incorporating acrobatics to some music. In all the events, the goal is to land without taking any extra steps.


The gymnast score is determined from the deductions taken out of their start value. The start value is based on how difficult the elements of the event and whether they met the compositions requirements; which differ depending on the apparatus and is referred to as the D score. The deduction in artistry and execution is taken away from 10.0, this is the E score. The deductions from the E score are then added with the D score to get the final score.

Best Proteins for Weight Loss

Losing weight takes time, effort and eating the right foods. Proteins play an important role in weight loss and if you want better muscle mass and less fat, you should eat the right proteins. Some people would argue that you should cut back drastically on red meat in order to lose weight but actually certain red meats are beneficial for weight loss and these include pork, rabbit, venison and veal. The key is to eat these foods in moderation. Fish is also high in protein and some good types of fish include salmon, tuna, and catfish. Tuna in particular is inexpensive when purchased in canned form.

Cottage cheese is an excellent form of protein and there are reduced fat versions you can buy at the store. Here are some ideas for cooking with and eating cottage cheese. You can use cottage cheese in a vegetable lasagna and you can eat it with baked apples or pears. Cottage cheese goes well salads and you can use it in creamy pasta sauces. Some cooks even use cottage cheese in custards and pies.

We don’t usually associate vegetables with protein but in fact veggies have plenty of protein and this is good news for vegetarians. Cook a pot of beans and serve them with quinoa, another healthy source of protein. Other vegetables high in protein include peas, soybeans, broccoli, asparagus, spinach, corn and Brussels sprouts.Some of these vegetables can be consumed as smoothies.

When you want a quick snack that has a lot of protein, protein bars are a good choice. Be careful with these because certain brands have unhealthy ingredients in them. Many protein bars also contain granola, fruits and nuts as well as oatmeal.

We know that breakfast is an important meal and it’s a good opportunity to get your protein intake. You can eat eggs, bacon, ham and sausages for breakfast along with grilled fruits, vegetables or oatmeal. When you eat a nutritious breakfast you have energy for the day.

In conclusion, protein is important in building muscle mass and weight loss. Eat your proteins in moderation and switch them up so you won’t eat the same proteins everyday. Look online or in cookbooks for fresh ideas if you need inspiration in the kitchen. Get your kids involved by asking them what they would want for dinner. With the above mentioned proteins you will gradually build a healthy lifestyle and you will enjoy life better.